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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 12:00am-1:00am AST

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determined to live life to the full. i have very limited sight five percent but i can distinguish objects big and small and realize their ambitions. but also. because america. today. follows for inspiring people in a stumble as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time. this is al-jazeera. and this is the news hour live from london coming up the spanish prime minister
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calls the. catalonia an attack on the rule of law. of brutality. u.s. president. his war of words with north korea undermining his top diplomat. the head of the world food program visits refugee camps in bangladesh as aid agencies struggle to help the more than half a million who fled ma'am. i'm joining. with. the biggest sports team plays behind closed doors fans a shutout of football match after clashes over the referendum. we begin in spain where the head of the castle long regional government says catalan citizens have won the right for an independent state but spain's prime minister has called
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a an authorized secession referendum an attack on the rule of law it's been a day of anger and violence with police accused of using unjustifiable brutality to shut down the vote at least eight hundred forty four people have been hurt according to the regional government. there was no independence referendum in catalonia today and the prime minister and the leader of the government and we have done what we have to do within the law we've only active in the law we are showing the top democratic state house was also has to defend itself against such a serious attack as the one which has been tried in this illegal referendum today the one. well in the last hour the catalan president carlos french to more criticize that response by the spanish government accusing it of violence and prussian blue. the banners and i'm here to pay tribute to the bravery and courage of millions of catalans who took part in the referendum on
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self-determination in the state try to stop. today the spanish government has demonstrated a shameless attitude showing that it's only through violence that they can get their message across the spanish state has always on such questions with violence and repression. how is life for us and. monitoring what he was saying that well more can you tell us about what his message was really. well i think from the messages both from the prime minister and also from catalonia first minister carlos posed among you can see that neither side is talking the same language neither side is backing down and both sides indicating that this political crisis is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better we still haven't had any official results from the referendum yet but i've been looking up the limit the results coming in from some of the smaller voting stations that are showing an overwhelming support
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for a yes vote and now the wellman support of breaking away from spain we've also heard in the last few hours. the main labor unions here in catalonia fred general strike starting on tuesday to push not force a session but just so we can i must on what went on in the course of the day let's take a look at this poll from my colleague john hendren. catalans lined up by the thousands devote many paying a high price for. spanish national police in riot gear battered their way into one voting center after another trashing peaceful voters downstair striking them with the terms and as promised confiscating ballot boxes. they did not discriminate by gender or age it dancing on those peacefully protecting the pole sometimes retreating and sometimes clashing verbal ewood patterns local moves with beneath
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the. apparently over the use of force they just died in a cry. they stole materials they violate that human rights they. injure people that east a crime still voters lined out side by the thousands here at the polls on election organizers a special tactic they gave the entire voter registry to the only place so that a police shut down one place holder simply went to another this ninety two year old voter remembers when the catalan language was outlawed until the one nine hundred seventy s. now she comes to vote only to be turned away by a system shut down. i believe we will gain independence because we are sick of the current government that we have. this hundred two year old waited out several outages to cast her ballot. outside the center of barcelona where
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residents proudly fly the spanish banner some catalans quietly oppose independence . i lived here for sixty years of course i love catalonia it's where my children are where my family lives but there's no reason why we have problems with this obsession east. if i am catalunya and i don't think like the session is to then i'm from the outside but then when i go to my family home then i'm also from the outside so where am i from and what identity do i have yet the n.t. secessionist seem largely to have boycotted the referendum which the spanish government again declared illegitimate under spanish along. navi no benefit and there hasn't been a referendum all the resemblance of one i asked the catalan government and the parties that support it to ceases irresponsibility to assume from this moment that what had never been legal is clearly unfeasible it makes no sense to continue this
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farce that leads nowhere. this international observer says the vote passed global voting standards if you look at what's happening here in my state right. here with their official identity and the register that says that they just simply. write in the phone. as cattle and celebrate the way the outcome and perhaps the declaration of independence john hundred zero barcelona. and call the council only there also said that the e.u. really couldn't look away now because of the violations as he called them that were committed during this vote how important do you think it is for the movement for something now to go forward that the external world especially the e.u. backs. well it certainly was a very strong hold from the head of the castle and government for the international
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community to step in and mediate but take a live call to the european union saying you know what happened today the actions of the spanish riot police according to opposed to mark violate that the use of the european union right on civil charter on civil liberties so strong hold the international community to step in they go shaper right now the position of the international community has been more to hold for respect for the spanish constitution which has ruled this referendum illegal so i don't think over the next couple of days we can expect too much that what will happen over the next couple of days assuming that there is a yes vote tonight when the final tally is in within the next forty eight hours by tuesday pushed him on will declare independence from spain for the region of catalonia that declaration will also be backed by region wide general strike by the
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main labor unions and that will really drive a deeper way between the central government and the dread the catalonian government here in barcelona it will push deeper political crisis which already is the worst political crisis in spain since the end of the francisco franco dictatorship in one nine hundred seventy five so thank you karl copenhagen is the very latest there from buffalo new well let's drop down now to the spanish capital madrid where tony burke play is standing by for us tony one of the other things the council only decided was that they had won the right to become an independent state i'm guessing that kind of sentence not going down very well in the prime minister's residence in madrid the same thing. certainly not and i think his statement was notable for two reasons firstly it took so long for him to make an address and secondly he made no mention whatsoever of the police action in catalonia he spoke
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eight hours after his deputy mrs senter cites the dissent to maria she had said that the police had acted proportionately but if you saw as the day drew on the images coming out of catalonia of women being pulled by their hair and thrown downstairs people being kicked older women with blood strewn faces those told a completely different story and it's going to be hard for a lot of people to accept that these were actions by a police force using proportionate actions even people i know here that spoken to me who are against the referendum of said they feel ashamed and appalled by what the government has done so it's causing friction i mean to see evening in madrid there was a huge demonstration by civil liberties groups and they kept on chanting this is almost like a throwback to the days of franco and totalitarianism and all thora terrorism and doing using the methods of the dark old days it may be that these are going to be counterproductive measures by the police it may embolden people harden their
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standing cattle on it made me make people actually get off the fence and then support the community where they've seen images of their neighbors coming back being treated so badly so it may actually be a case of spanish government shooting themselves in the foot but i have to say also that the socialist party and the opposition liberal party after they were all condemned the violence as they call it of the police mr roy did say one positive thing when he made his nine minute address which he didn't actually take questions on he said that spain has been through many difficult times in the past and they will get through this again having said that it's a positive note on a very negative day one. wonders how the spanish government mr always been criticized for handling this so badly is going to extricate themselves from this incredibly difficult situation and on the question of turnout tony when he spoke earlier on he did mention that he didn't think the majority of catalonia had gone
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out to the poll and they hadn't added their voice to this referendum that comes out with that figure that ends up being quite a high figure that will damage surely his credibility on the stand he took today even more. i think so i mean you hear the language on both sides not just this one of government but specially his side because he has handled this he is directed what has happened today although he's blaming the catalan government for the actions it's going to be counterproductive. counterproductive because people can say well hang on where are you getting your figures from he's saying that the majority of catalans didn't want the referendum the majority of peaceful the majority of the who are going to vote in the referendum will have done have been fooled by the catalan government where is he getting the information from the images you've seen of mass streets and protest and flags and people being resilient tell a different story again so it's very hard to fathom out what is actually fact and
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what is fiction is according to mr roy many thanks tony tony betty there live for us in madrid well sebastian balfour is amoret us professor of contemporary spanish studies london school of economics and wonderfully joins me here now in the studio thanks very much for coming in to our ages there at let's just talk about this position the spanish government tony they're saying that maybe that shot themselves in the foot how badly have they handled handled this whole situation and in some respects people talking all over social media about the brutality almost has made people want to take a stand in catalonia that might not have even voted before absolutely i mean in a counterfactual situation had the vote been allowed say as. a non-binding consultation by the spanish government it's very likely they would have got the result they wanted and that is majority of people voting against independence this way it's been very counterproductive indeed and i think a lot of people who might not be convinced about independence have been swung over
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to it and there's no way of proving this obviously because the vast majority of those who gone to the polls are those who are going to vote independence anyway because those who don't want to dependence have always stated that they will boycott the referendum could this be really serious for prime minister harper i mean there's been cause for him to resign today especially from catalonia is oh i think so the problem is rather his government is a minority government and it depends on negotiation and support from other parties in the parliament one party in particular who you have something like seven or eight seats have said that their support their future support especially over the budget issue is coming up next year will depend very much on and that's the past national boss national party will depend very much on the way rory handles the catalan issue and he's handled it extremely badly the use of force and and pure
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legality without any political approach at all. i think has been profoundly counterproductive and of course that use of force is one of the areas that the catalan leader called on today marks on today saying the e.u. can't look away because of this what he called violations this brutality that many of our reporters are documented out on the streets today do you think the you will respond will actually come to that core from the catalonian we've heard we've had a statement from the belgian prime minister who has condemned the violence we've had the slovenian prime minister expressing concern otherwise not much not much response. from government. not much response from the e.u. the problem for the nation states in europe is that there are many successions movements quite a number we know sort of course but there's a diner there is flanders there is the but in spain itself is the basque country as
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well so that there's not enormous interest in fact there's a certain degree of insecurity about encouraging a new form of secession so and also of course the e.u. has been pretty adamant that. catalonia will not remain a member of the e.u. for achieves independence and this of course would be an enormous blow to the catholic independence movement that sees itself as profoundly european. the battle lines are drawn that we've heard from both parties if you like today. what happens next i mean the prime minister did actually leave that door open for dialogue and one of his comments do you think there's any chance that they will speak on that we're just going to see them more entrenched as we wait for the vote i don't think there's going to be any dialogue simply because they're both very committed to their positions. roy has always said he's open for dialogue but the dialogue would be about deepening the rights of the autonomy not about secession not about
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independence whereas the catalan government has always said this is about independence or nothing yeah so what's the likely result as i said i've said already that this is an unstoppable force against an immovable object and i think the result is likely to be rather serious that is to say that the end in forty eight hours or the independence moon my well declare victory say that the majority have voted for independence the majority would be rejoicing of those of the turnout irrespective of the number of people have turned out to vote that's the law of the . referendum what is his response likely to be. on a unilateral declaration of independence it's like two between invoke article one five five where the government takes over your ptolemy all together that so it's
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a very serious that could as serious i mean a more serious constitutional political crisis and anything since one thousand nine hundred one when there was an invasion of the parliament and the attempted military coup difficult times faster before thank you very much for coming in. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour or to recount is fighting for survival ten days after the devastation of hurricane rita. a ceasefire with colombia's last remaining rebel group comes into force but talks about a permanent deal passed still going on. and ferrari scraped through the weekend at the malaysian grand prix care will have a detail in sport. u.s. president donald trump has resumed his war of words with north korea over its nuclear weapons and missile program on sunday he tweeted i told rex tillerson
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wonderful secretary of state that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with a little rocket man a reference to leader king. he also said will do what has to be done well for more on this let's speak to mike hanna who is live for us in washington d.c. this kind of breaks all the rules of diplomacy doesn't it mike lee is supposed to put a united front up to whichever side you're trying to talk to. well so even by the standards of the tran previn's presidency this is absolutely extraordinary a u.s. president a setting foreign policy using his thumbs in morning tweet and at the same time completely undercutting and distancing himself from his secretary of state towards who's already established a policy on this issue the north korean issue but let's just take a look how the day panned out secretary of state risks to listen has been holding
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high level talks in beijing dealing both with north korea as well as the wider relationship between the u.s. and china this seen as a crucial part of a warm up in relations between the two countries and china would have welcomed to listens apparent commitment to pursuing a diplomatic track in dealing with north korea in an off the camera interview the secretary of state confirmed publicly that the u.s. was pursuing back channels in dialogue with the pure nyang administration. this was the president's reaction listen twenty four hours later i told ricks to listen our wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man followed by save your energy rex we'll do what has to be done this is not the first time the president has publicly contradicted his secretary of state but given that to listen appears to has given his commitment to chinese leaders to pursue avenues of dialogue it's particularly embarrassing to the
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country's top diplomat and is often stated policy we're going to continue our our peaceful pressure campaign as i have described it working with allies working with china as well to see if we can bring the regime and point yank to the negotiating table with a view to begin a dialogue on a different future for korean peninsula and for north korea this policy now reversed without consultation in a few thumb strokes and no matter how wonderful the president may describe his secretary of state ricks to listen is cutting an increasingly lonely figure in what is clearly a divided administration and like if i was wrecked ellison i would be resigning how humiliating really after his trip to hear this from the president. indeed yes and as i mentioned there this isn't the first time it's happened the president directly contradicted to listen
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a few months ago also on the same issue of exercising diplomacy in north korea the secretary of state is still traveling at the moment to use in the philippines on his way due back in washington early in the week but it's very difficult to see how he can maintain his position having been so publicly undercut by the president himself and one must remember too that very important point that this came just after rex tillerson had been given clearly certain assurances to the chinese that he was doing everything possible to explore forms of negotiation with the north koreans the chinese had been putting pressure to bear on the u.s. to refrain from any form of military objective to press ahead with seeking some form of dialogue the secretary of state would have given this commitment to the chinese only to be undercut by his president back home it's going to have massive impact perhaps on the office of the secretary of state but what it's also going to
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have an impact on is the u.s. relationship with china soo many thanks mike mike hanna there with the latest on trump's twitter diplomacy. the head of the world food program has visited ranger refugee camps in bangladesh david beasley says they desperately need international support to help deal with the crisis and aid agencies are trying to help the more than half a million refugees who fled a minute she crackdown in myanmar iraq and state time their challenge he has more from one camp on the me and their sport. i mean. the relief distribution center to be more active in a lot of the camps where a visit the last couple of weeks this is far from a very different scenario two weeks ago when things were very chaotic. the army took over for the central distribution of relief and the traffic management thinks looks far better on the ground right now we have also seen presence of very high up
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u.n. agency people as well as international donor agency people taking part in distributing relief coordinating on the ground talking to monitoring things i spoke to the executive director of the world food program david bisley i oxon to share his experience on the ground he went to went to narrate to say what the refugees told him on the ground something like women and children crossing into bangladesh how they were shot at by me and my security force is. what is most needed right now in bangladesh he said things to be ramped up more food aid is needed unless that's not done he expect more people thousands more going just to cross over into bangladesh shortly and the international community to really speed up the aid process into this. the u.s. says it will than two thousand more personnel to storm ravaged rico and with the weekend most of the u.s. territory has been without power or drinking water since it was devastated by
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hurricane maria in the two weeks again the government continues to face criticism for its slow response hundred people remain in shelters curious about reports from san juan. the generator went down in this hospital in some one who more than one hundred patients had to be urgently transferred to other locations is a lot of a rush his mother is still inside he's worried about where they're going to take her he. just several complications in the oxygen she is old and i'm not sure where we will go but she is not alone on site there are others who are recovering from surgery among other things who were not allowed inside but we were told that most of the patients were transferred on time. tenet and on a general way because of how one which was completely destroyed during the hurricane is just an example of how the situation for the police really deteriorate
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if immediate action is not taking this forward is playing a crucial role this days as it is where much needed aid has arrived. says there are more than ten thousand containers here with goods even though the products were long to private companies they could easily help to restore the supply chain here right now in in all of our terminals there are merge and see supplies they are emergency medicine water food construction materials commercial materials so the terminal is full of goods is a matter of how we restore the distribution part of the supply chain on the island distribution has been one of the biggest issues so far in getting aid out ten days after the hurricane people are still lining up for hours for fuel many are still in need of water and other goods some are desperate to get help to most commonly see
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only we want my mother to live the house was destroyed she hasn't many years left and we want to live decently is that too much to ask what i mean joining ghost is the mayor of san juan. she has been pleading for more help from the united states government on saturday president donald trump accuse her and other puerto rico of not doing enough to get out of the current crisis i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of an urgency that other disasters have been treated and again you know my. five hundred twenty pounds mayor of a city in the caribbean a three star general. said yesterday we don't have enough we need to get more in order to be able to take care of the situation. home are to say that a general isn't saying the right thing right for most people here this fight is not a political one but one of survival and they hope those in charge we'll leave their
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differences aside and sort things out. some one. still ahead on al jazeera an upsurge in violence by the armed group boko haram means independence day celebrations in northeast nigeria. demonstrators in hong kong march against what they say is political persecution by china. and in sport lifting the ban on head coverings the long battle to play basketball is finally over for muslim women. later in the program. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts it's all looking pretty unsettled across more northwestern parts of europe at the moment we're not tobin
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a definite looks like autumn at the moment was these are frontal systems pushing in deep low pressure system giving some very strong winds so cool and share across the u.k. we've got this front extending down through germany down as far as italy central and eastern parts here looking dry but of this area of high pressure is no particular warm moscow they're just eight degrees recovering to ten as we head on through into tuesday so that stage some heavy rain across austria further towards the southeast jury not looking too bad we've lost some of the showers richard been around the ionian sea over recent days on the other side of the mediterranean we've got showers for parts from syria and tunisia those working the way towards libya as we head on through into chooses to want to showers left behind in one part small cheer in some lifted certainly possible in this region otherwise look at temperatures into the low thirty's for cairo in egypt into central parts of africa very lively shower wise across so sit down through central africa public towards cameroon and southward towards congo liberal they're looking at highs of twenty
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nine degrees circulation low pressure in parts of west africa giving some heavy showers for parts of liberia guinea. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. is different because there's so much about it's used in the news room and also. the boats. going on going on what.
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is. the basement view of the reality on the ground other nails will grow slowly become the magic of the business world that's what we do we do well. welcome back a reminder of the top story on al-jazeera prime minister mariano rajoy has called on a. referendum an attack on the rule of law and said his government's response had been foam. being accused of using unjustifiable brutality to shut down the vote
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the regional government says at least eight hundred forty four people have been hurt us president. wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man a reference to king korean leader kim jong. troops between colombia's government and the country's last remaining rebel group has come into effect and national liberation army agreed to the terms after negotiations failed several times for now the dail is just temporary talks are longer term. later this month i listened to reports from bogota. it's the first ever ceasefire declared by the national liberation army or. the last active rebel group in colombia and the first concrete step after seven months of peace talks to end its five decades of conflict with the state a historic truce but one that's temporary at least for now. the new this doesn't
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completely end the conflict with the e.l.o. this is temporary it is not a cease fire weapons are surrendered or where demilitarisation takes place the truce will run through january twelfth and may be extended if respected the start recruiting minors and at tacking on oil routes and pipelines in exchange the colombian military will avoid confronting the rebels yet the group stepped up attacks ahead of the deal. since talks began with sanchez's government we have insisted on the urgency of this ceasefire because it stops offensive actions and brings important humanitarian relief to the colombian population. founded by radical catholic priests in the one nine hundred sixty s. the. peace with the government before making little progress in the capital news was met with relief and hope that the sides will comply with the terms of the truce
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. we leave this uncertainty in its peace process but it's definitely positive if the eleven wants to do its part to end the war it is great professor victor that the court says monitoring the truce will be important i really believe that the government as well as the. national liberation army elaine are clearly committed to respect. this is the most important and i would say disapprobation of the united nation as was as well as the catholic church and third the pressure of the society in colombia biggest movement in favor of the peace process and we are really pushed the parties to respect that really mean talks will restart on october twenty third in quito ecuador but the road to peace will still be long and complex and the year land is seen as more hardline in its ideology and more divided in this chain of command compared with the former fired gravels but there is hope here that this
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ceasefire will indeed help pave the way to end all political violence in. french police have opened a counter terrorism investigation after two people were killed in a knife attack i must say central train station the attacker was shot dead by security forces of the he stabbed two passers by front has been in a state of emergency nov twenty fifth dean one hundred thirty people were killed in attacks in paris. independence celebrations in nigeria's northeastern borno state due to fears of attacks by back around on a state or national says the armed group has killed nearly four hundred people since april and attacks are becoming more frequent. reports from it magically. a member of a militia helping the army in the fight against. is now facing its own battle for
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his life. through the patrol car he was in r.c. helped provide cover for workers two months ago. but the one who was also part of that convoy that included soldiers who will is that they be i.d.d. as i wish it was an ambush the surprise is that we were sitting there was safe we spent days working there that track happened in our last day that they attack was a bloodiest so far this year in nigeria's northeast i few kilometers away from here in july book or on fighters a convoy of oil exploration workers being escorted by the military and vigilantes more than fifty people died in that attack that attack coincided with an increase in the rate of suicide bombings and abductions in the northeast the military's response was an and ground offensive that lasted for weeks but top commanders were ordered back to the region. where
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a climate of fear has returned the latest wave of violence represents a change in strategy by boko haram which suicide bombings and hostage taking being stepped up security experts say this was to be expected after the group lost control of territory holding ground is also makes you weaker because if you hold the ground it's ms you know the opposing force has something substantial to heat but when you attack iran you know you you you you kind of dilute all that advantage in numbers advantage and put men and advantage in training retired group captain said if you as an end to the fight is not yet in sight we may probably. it was a very very long time. that you spend weeks with out here in that. operation. very difficult but. the military declined to speak about the recent strategy and its own response. when
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i renewed military operation may have calmed the situation but people in the northeast know that they have not heard the last from fighters in the last eight years have killed tens of thousands of people and forced more than two and a half million others from their homes. north east nigeria. at least six people have been killed during protests unification. the west african country is celebrating fifty six. speaking areas voted to join the much larger french speaking part but have been growing demands for a return to independence. with english speakers accusing the francophone majority of discrimination mohamed el baradei. to have a national anthem their own flag and a leader in waiting all the trappings of
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a potential new country but without any land because what these people want to call amazonia is at the moment the english speaking part of cameroon it's here the demonstrators have gathered momentum in the last year by saying that people suffer discrimination at the hands of the french speaking government most people just want reform but calls for independence are getting louder. at the end of the first world war cameroon was divided between the french and the british at its independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the english speaking opted to join the french cameroon instead of neighboring nigeria. these protests have been mainly peaceful but cameroon security forces have cracked down six protesters were shot dead last year and hundreds arrested an apparent gesture of reconciliation president paul b.-o. ordered that the charges be dropped against several detainees but that doesn't seem
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to have calm the tensions the man who leads the separatists has been touring the us calling for a peaceful uprising we call for a nonviolent revolution called for nonviolent protests we call for nonviolent much this is one of the well and we have resisted. i mean you know this is a moment that we must continue to stand for. the u.n. secretary general has asked cameron's government to address the grievances of the english speakers but the u.n. is unlikely to answer mr tavist prayers for a new country called embassy mohammed omar d.c. al jazeera. turkey has opened a military training camp in somalia and just days after thirty people were killed when for instance stoned another base in the country al qaeda linked is attempting to overthrow somalia central government fifty million dollar count will train local forces trying to block the group's efforts. reports. this
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is turkey's largest overseas military training camp it is in the somali capital mogadishu thousands of somalis soldiers and others will be trained here the campus part of turkey's efforts to help the government tackle armed groups like. you know somalia has strategic importance in combating terrorism and the security of sea lions in africa it is a great potential to contribute peace and stability in the continent and the muslim world a strong somali army will surely take on the task of fighting terror groups nested within africa. two hundred turkish officers have been deployed to the base which houses three military schools and other facilities. for the time being fifteen hundred military personnel will be trained here during the first phase when they finish the training turkey will provide the necessary military
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equipment turkey is a woman in somalia has increased over the last decade turkish companies n.g.o.s and charities have expanded their operations here the turkish government is investing in roads and facilities security health and education so mallow officials how welcomed turkey's involvement. in turkey also has its biggest embassy in africa here in somalia it was opened by president at a time when security in somalia was very fragile turkish brothers are working very hard and supporters in every way possible so that somalia can stand on its own last march a suicide bomber targeted the turkish military base al-shabaab said it was behind the attack and a circle expands its military presence in somalia there are still manage challenges to overcome so now because al-jazeera. as many as forty thousand
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protesters have marched through heavy rain in hong kong in defiance of china's national day they were calling for more democracy and an end to what they call the political persecution of china's opponents to reports. marching against what they see as government oppression but with a very specific demand adding to the chance for democracy calls for hong kong's justice secretary to step down they say rimsky recent decision to retry and jailed protesters and activists created the city's first political prisoners we witnessed in recent months how the secretary for justice abused his political position to make sure that those who fight for justice in hong kong would be ended up in prison activists call twenty seventeen a punishing year for hong kong's democracy movement in august three former student
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leaders were given jail sentences for storming the government grounds during the twenty four thousand protests that triggered a seventy nine day occupy movement government prosecutors are now bringing public nuisance charges against the co-founders of the occupy movement and since last year the government has removed six elected pro-democracy politicians from hong kong's parliament in recent years especially this year m how can people face a lot of loss of political suppression when you're saying just how us totally ridiculous and totally against basic human right and democracy these protests also marked three years since the start of the umbrella movement which has proved to be one of the biggest challenges to the central government in beijing but since then many here say the rights of people who live in hong kong have been eroded. there have been many protests this year but there's a heightened sense of urgency at this march people here say the best march is particularly significant given the government's recent actions they feel they could
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be arrested just for being at this protest despite this families and people of all ages brave the three kilometer walk through the heat and heavy rain. i think the next generations will suffer even more because of the government i find it strange the chinese leaders from the communist regime a trying to govern hong kong like the rest of china but the two are not the same. organizers say it's the reason they held this protest on october first a day which it highlights unity in china hong kong is the only place where people can still protest freely under china's one country two systems policy and they want to make sure it remains that way. hong kong two women will stand trial on monday for the murder of kim jong nam the estranged half brother of north korean leader kim jong un he was killed in kuala lumpur in malaysia in february but the accused say they are innocent flower slowey reports. a murder so brazen that
12:46 am
it shocked the world kim jong nam the half brother of north korean leader kim jong il was killed in broad daylight at a busy airport in quality pool in february two women city i shot from indonesia and dorothy huang from vietnam will stand trial for his murder on monday police say the pair vx nerve agent a banned substance so toxic it's considered by the u.n. as a weapon of mass destruction on kim jong un's face experts believe each woman carried a separate component of the chemical to avoid harming himself. i mean. who became so if you go rushing into the parlor with what's the way maybe that's the way. the two women have told diplomats from their home countries they thought they were taking part in a reality television show u.s.
12:47 am
officials and south korean intelligence say the murder was organized by north korean agents according to the national anthem. already. in a standing order to accuse true motivation don't. stay in the water but no north korean will stand trial for the murder for north korean men accused of planning the attack immediately boarded flights out of kuala lumpur after the killing interpol has issued a red notice alert which is similar to an international arrest warrant for the men one other suspect who was detained by malaysian police has been released because of insufficient evidence the trial may shed some light on a murder whodunit that's caught the world's attention but there's also a sense that the mastermind of the killing may never be caught florence li al jazeera kuala lumpur. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour how these golfers found themselves facing some dangerous hazards during the final round of that tone
12:48 am
the mint julep up more insults. they thought they were americans until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia for life when one east meets the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera. on al-jazeera. after a year of mourning thailand bids a final farewell to its longest reigning monarch. from the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the u.s. his role in the world liberians are preparing for their third election since a bitter civil war and servers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs
12:49 am
. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. for now. food thank you very much the catalan referendum is also had an impact on sports but also in a spanish league game against last palmers had to be played behind closed doors because of the clashes between police and voters and there was some confusion as fans queued to enter vassal in his new camp earlier the decision was only made a short time before kickoff also which is
12:50 am
a voice in support for catalan independence had originally asked for the game to be perspiring but was refused by the league they released a statement saying the club condemns events which prevent its citizens exercising their democratic right to free expression and the match finished three nil to barcelona who continue to lead the league but defender gerard piqué was in tears after the game over events off the pitch so you look at the line i feel i am cut a line and that's something today more than ever i feel proud of the catalan people they've behaved perfect fashion just as they have in the last six or seven years there hasn't been any acts of aggression so the national police and civil guard has had to come and behave the way they behaved i think that a lot of people in spain are against the events that have happened in catalonia the truth is they believe in democracy i can say that if people in the spanish football federation think that i am a problem then i'll step aside and leave the national team before twenty eighteen. in complete contrast to barcelona's victory in
12:51 am
a silence stadium real madrid fans turned out in their thousands waving spanish flags in stands of their teams match with espanyol now they were protesting against catalonian independence rail went on to win the game to nil. arsenal of help manager arsene wenger celebrate the twenty first anniversary of his arrival at the club they beat brighton two nails a safe if the point behind north london rivals tottenham burnley beat everton one no wild newcastle drew one one with liverpool. and if our players continue to defy us president donald trump with an ongoing protests against racial inequality during the national anthem three players from the miami dolphins knelt at london's wembley stadium at that game with the new orleans saints they then stood for god save the queen the saints knelt before the anthems that quarterback drew brees believed that teams actions were appropriate yeah the decision to kneel on the white prior to them in the anthem and everyone stand up together you know
12:52 am
a number want to show solidarity and unity for us as a team but listen it pays respect to all that pays respect to the cause. of social injustice and inequality and it pays respect to the flag of the united states of america and that's that's that's i think i hope that that's the way it came across today was paying respect for all. well upcoming formula one star max fished up and has won the malaysian grown pre-pay thing out chamish ship title leader lewis hamilton while for ari sebastian vettel put on a brilliant show for a small reports who. after turning twenty on saturday max pushed up and didn't realize the celebrations were just about to begin. starting from third on the grid the rebel driver quickly pulled away from pole sitter lewis hamilton and took control of the race. meanwhile sebastian vettel saved the day for for laurie after losing to me right in and
12:53 am
moments before the race vettel put on a brilliant drive going from last place on the grid and finishing in fourth. but a bizarre incident after the race could put a dent in the germans title hopes. a collision between him and williams lance storm a slow down lap smash the rear left side of his ferrari for fabric for saturday if the gearbox needs to be replaced vettel could be penalized by places for the next race the way it was pushed out and who proved to be the dominant force in malaysia winning ahead of hamilton for his second career when red bulls daniel ricardo took the final podium position. to my own race you know the car was unbelievable i had fancied if i needed to speed up and i i sped up and that's amazing you know it's very tough race but of course incredible to win and i feel good but i think we've got some work to do with the car obviously we didn't have the pace say this weekend
12:54 am
so the still work to do the still races ahead of the summer we can for sure when. i am alton's lead has now increased to thirty four points ahead of vettel the race continues next sunday as the f one heads to japan for a smile al jazeera. sunday marks a milestone for international basketball was. a longstanding rule banning head coverings is officially lifted the change was approved earlier this year after a sustained online campaign and now one of the cain campaign is trying to promote the participation of muslim women in basketball is home and reports. we've gotten from home here with tools. and interests that go on it's a new look for basketball and for muslim women who play across the world by haarp the start of new opportunities after a long standing campaign that he job is finally allowed in the sport. in leicester basketball players from across the u.k.
12:55 am
came together as they try to form the country's first muslim women's team emboldened by the rule change on head coverings that was approved by the sport's governing body fever earlier this year they were going to make a big difference and is of even for the young kids they can see those as well was to be able to give us more when job some of what i used to busboy i used to actually stop for two years because of a job and didn't play and now when i heard about the bond i actually decided to go back. as dolly is the woman behind the new team is the falcons she was also one of the drivers behind an online campaign promoting the rule change using petitions and the hash tag feeder allow he job we might not see right now but gradually in the elite sports we're going to see more mature girls in basketball playing with jobs in college basketball for example in america and. causes a cranny made her name noir and by designing the models swimwear known as the book
12:56 am
amy she first made the he g.b. in twenty eleven give it to that cupboard you know fiddling around with your he job which is a scar you know it just stays in place and allows you to perform the best it's allowed any whether it's fever before or feeble or any sport you know our company to understand that this for the moment. anyone and it's not going to cause any how the. crannies donated the he to the falcons the squad a full of foundation they want to raise money for kids to play basketball in iraq and syria and promote the participation of muslim women in the sport so it doesn't mean that this whole connotation of all this time i will miss the press corps when they see us play and we're going to double laughing and joking for the whole time it's about the boy oh ok she smiled ok she got the ball ok wait before you for the full feed this decision doesn't just benefit muslim women turbans will now also be permitted on caught but for the falcons it's not just about them but about the younger women who
12:57 am
will now have every opportunity to reach the top homan al-jazeera. jockey frankie dettori has won europe's richest horse race for a record fifth time he was on hot favorite unable to lead most of the printed out to triumph and pulled away in the final seconds of stars was second while ulysses came third to tory's victory makes in the race is most successful jockey it also caps a memorable season for navel in which she secured five consecutive group one wins. the usa have won golds presidents cup for a seventh consecutive time they beat the international team when daniel berger clinched the point they needed for victory meanwhile the first round of goal of the final round of golds new zealand women's open has had to be perspiring until monday because of treacherous weather conditions this was overnight lead a bell and most on the seventh hole when she was almost hit by advertising
12:58 am
hoardings during a strong gust of wind. and that is all the sport for you right now back to sue in london. thank you john now and don't forget you can find out much more news video on the web page al jazeera dot com. said i'm a citizen for this news but i will be back in a few minutes with more of the day's. the sky what they should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an
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airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to feel . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. for the congolese the journey to work all the more means unimaginable hardship i prefer to
1:00 am
lie down because then why get the thing to chance a good life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle i fell onto the rails i merely die. our children go to school and live because of a prank risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera . if only as prime minister calls the thresher voting catalonia an attack on the rule of law and keith are accused of brutality.


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